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  • Posted on February 09, 2009 | By Catherine Chen
  • A year and a half after the idea first crossed my mind, I’m excited this website is finally up and running! I thought an introduction would be a good place to start.

    I grew up baking with my mom (who, to this day, still makes the best desserts). Weekend afternoons would be spent anticipating the moment that oven door would open and our latest creation would be set on the counter to cool.

    One of my first attempts to “bake” on my own was during midterm season, in my first year at the University of Ottawa. Stressed about upcoming midterms, my roommate Melissa and I fumbled our way around the residence kitchen and struggled to make these.
    Not bad… but nowhere near as good as the ones I would make with my mom at home. Once I moved out of residence, with my own apartment and oven, I slowly began to experiment more and more. The end result wasn’t always pretty… and there were a few failed attempts – rock hard cookies after a failed accounting exam and mushy banana bread in the anticipation of coming home for the holidays, just to name a few.

    Soon enough I began to feel as comfortable in the kitchen as I do at the mall and my focus began to shift to making everything I created look unique and well… pretty. I wanted my baking to stand out on a table surrounded by other foods and desserts. Before I knew it, I had friends and family requesting cookies and cakes for birthdays and special events.

    After finishing my degree in Marketing and moving back to Toronto, I taught myself the ins and outs with a number of books, which only fuelled my interest even further. At this point, having taken a few courses at the Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts and Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, I am still as interested as ever in learning more and more.


    Word of mouth began to spread like crazy, which eventually prompted me to look into renting commercial kitchen space and getting officially set up here. Much thanks to a few friends (Mark at Everpixel for my web design, Kamille for my logo, Gabe and Ryan for the photography, and Melissa at Style Communications for help with copy writing), who played a huge role in getting this site up and running.

    At the end of the day, I’m just a girl who loves to bake and Sugar*Baking promises to be an adventure that I am definitely looking forward to.

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  • Hi Andy, I checked you in at the YFC golf ouintg yesterday 8/1 that my husband was running. It wasn’t long before the other 2 ladies and I just had to open a package. We tried the triple chip. WOW. Your cookies were (and still are!) the best I have EVER eaten .and I am a home baker! Jack and my family have nearly devoured the two bags we brought home and I can’t wait to find them in a store near us. Congratulations on a terriffic product and a big THANK YOU for bringing them to Mill River for the golf ouintg. Becky .for the whole Crabtree family!

    Posted by Gesica

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