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  • Noelle's Gift

  • Posted on January 11, 2013 | By Cat Chen

  • I didn’t know Noelle Paquette, but had classmates from the University of Ottawa who knew her well.   Via Facebook, I stumbled upon this news piece and was both heartbroken to learn of Noelle’s story and inspired by her family and friends, who are able to do something so truly spectacular during such a difficult time with heavy hearts.  Just as lucky as her family and friends were to know Noelle, she was equally as lucky to have all of you - ensuring that her spirit and legacy continue to shine on, giving Noelle the opportunity to continue to support a cause she whole heartedly believed in.  A friend and fellow entrepreneur once said that being an entrepreneur means being socially responsible.  I couldn’t agree more.  What good is your talent if you can’t use it to help others and make others happy?  That is, after all, the reason why I run Sugar Baking in the first place.  While I have contributed to many a fundraiser and events in the past for various causes, this is one cause I will continue to support for as long as I run my business.  

    One of my most popular custom orders is a set of school/teacher themed cupcakes.  They are often gifted to teachers at the end of the school year and are $30 for a set of 6 cupcakes.  Starting today, 100% of every order in the future for these cupcakes will be donated to Noelle’s Gift. 

    I am also offering a set of 6 sugar cookies in the shape of a shiny red apple for $15, all of which will also go to Noelle’s Gift.

    Please share with anyone who may be looking for a unique gift for their children’s teachers this year.  Share with anyone who likes cupcakes or cookies, or really, with anyone at all.  Because every little bit counts.  With your help, you are providing at the very least a nutritious meal or classroom supplies to the students in Lambton who need it but more importantly, are ensuring that Noelle’s memory continues to shine brightly in the lives of those she left behind. For more information, please visit Noelle's Gift.


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  • What a beautiful person you are . Thank you.

    Posted by cindy

  • Where are you exactly located?? Would you be able to get deliveries to Sarnia??

    Posted by Rachele

  • What a kind, thoughtful, absolutely wonderful thing for you to do. The next time I am in the Beaches I will make it a point to visit your place. Thank you from Sarnia!

    Posted by Gerri

  • This goes to show that people here in sarnia are awesome the way everybody comes together

    Posted by Lisa Jolly

  • I will place an order for sure too, what a wonderful way to honour a beautiful young woman.

    Posted by Luisa

  • this makes the tears flow as i still feel so sad for noelle and her family,but a wonderful way to keep her memory alive…..Hugs to you all…

    Posted by Jackie Foster

  • this makes the tears flow as i still feel so sad for noelle and her family,but a wonderful way to keep her memory alive…..Hugs to you all…

    Posted by Jackie Foster

  • What a great way to keep giving to “Noelle’s Gift.” The students of St. Clair Catholic will appreciate it!

    Posted by maria

  • What a true act of kindness. Many good things will come your way. Wish there were more people like you in this world.

    Posted by Chris Passmore

  • You are incredible—you have rekindled my hope in humankind and I , for one, will support your business when I can

    Posted by Cathy Jolicoeur

  • That’s extremely thoughtful of you and an amazing generous gesture. Thank you!!

    Posted by Lindsay Baril

  • Wonderful. Random acts of kindness, and being socially responsible is what make the world good! You Rock!
    Aimee Kocak

    Posted by Aimee Kocak

  • this is a wonderful gesture given with so much love and caring. Too bad i cant get ur gifts down here in florida. Congratulations and best of luck to you. God’s blessings on you!

    Posted by Darlene Thomas

  • Such an act of kindness :)

    Posted by Janice

  • You just made me cry. You are such a good hearted person. I wish there were more people like you in this world. Like Noelle you are a giver. Will you ship to the Sarnia area and to St. Catharines?

    Posted by Jessica

  • You are a wonderful person! ( and a darn good bakery the looks of it) your amazingly selfless and heart felt gesture will return you many blessings:)

    Posted by Michelle

  • This is such a generous and selfless gift. Incredible.

    Posted by Tara

  • So generous!

    Posted by Kathy Scott

  • You start a fire… wow Cat, thank you for the inspiration. So many people, including myself, will try to think of ways they can give back too!

    Posted by marg stewart

  • I think this is awesome! Good for you!

    Posted by Teri Rusland

  • She would be so proud and speechless. The support is absolutely amazing!

    Posted by Kara

  • OMG, this is amazing! Brought tears to my eyes. I will for sure buy some for my son’s teacher!

    Posted by Tracy

  • WOW! What a selfless gift of love. May all your dreams come true

    Posted by Debby Winterton

  • What a beautiful gesture that is sooo very thoughtful of you.

    Posted by cheryl Serratore

  • Thank you!! I will be ordering for both of my kid’s teachers at St. Matthew’s School.I know both the students and teachers are missing Noelle tremendously. Can’t wait to place my order. Prayers to all of Noelle’s family and friends.

    Posted by M Dasilva