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  • Cupcake Towers

  • Posted on July 06, 2010 | By Catherine Chen

    When it comes to the question of cake vs. cupcakes for weddings and special events, I will always have a soft spot for cupcake towers. I love them for many reasons:

    - they are easy to serve, no forks or plates required!
    - it's easy to accommodate many different likes/dislikes (believe it or not, I have a friend who hates chocolate!)
    - taking home leftovers is easy at the end of the night
    - I just love the look of a tower set up on the cake table - all elegant and statuesque :)

    Don't get me wrong, this is not at all to take away from the many stunning and breathtaking cakes out there - these bakers / cake designers amaze me with their talent.

    There are a number of different factors that contribute to a stunning cupcake tower and it's all about the little details. Should the cupcakes be frosted with a luscious, round piped mound of buttercream or an elegant swirl or ruffle?


    Custom cupcake toppers or simple chocolate shavings? Coloured buttercream or coloured cupcake cups? The same pattern repeated or a random collection of cupcakes?

    Most cupcake towers have a cake topper that rests atop the highest tier on the tower. It's nice to have something to cut into for tradition and photos. The design of the cake topper can do wonders to tie the whole tower together.

    This particular wedding was from this past weekend. The hall was absolutely stunning - fuchsia and crystals everywhere. The bride wanted to incorporate a brown and cream damask theme as well. It took some serious hunting to find the damask pattern used on the stand, but the hunt was well worth the effort!

    Although some people dismiss cupcakes and cupcake towers as a fad, or something "so last year", I'll stand by my cupcake towers as a fantastic option for special events.

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  • Hi Mariko! This has nothing to do with cuaekpcs or even buttercream but I am putting a small package in the mail to you today (just a small thank you for your VERY entertaining blog and for introducing me to tawashi MANY moons ago!) we’re in Okinawa so it’s an FPO AP address just wanted to give you a heads up so you’re not scared of an unsolicited package from someone you don’t know! I wrote a while back to confirm your address you answered back and then I promptly forgot to get this packaged up arrrrgh! ) Hugs and oh yeah I’ll get in on the frosting thing I am SO in love with Japanese pastries they are SO spongy and soft and not so sweet and frosting is a decoration not a COVER-UP yummy! Want some Japanese cookbooks? I’ve got the Dessert Collection but of course they’re all in Japanese it’s still loads of fun to look at the pictures red beans and purple sweet potates are pretty common in the desserts the kids and I had some red bean ice cream a while back and we ALL love the ube ice cream, even my ice-cream-hating son (yes, he’s from another planet LOL!)

    Posted by Ibnu

  • Hi,

    I love this cupcake tower, do you rent it out?
    and what is the exact color on it?

    thank you

    Posted by Mae Kalla

  • I am in love with this cupcake tower. Did you all make this also?

    Posted by Alexis Harris