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  • Bonnie Gordon Cake Show

  • Posted on June 11, 2010 | By Catherine Chen
  • Photo by Marian at Sweetopia. See her post on the show here.

    At the end of April, I was asked to participate in The Cake Show 2010 Cupcake Challenge, where I was given an hour to decorate 6 cupcakes, as per a given theme, in front of a live audience at The Cake Show.

    Here was the scenario they presented to us:


    Jack & Jill are doing the cupcake rounds in the city to choose who they will use as their vendor for their wedding day. This couple epitomizes the saying “opposites attract” and both the bride and groom have very different tastes and opinions they would like for their cupcakes.


    The couple have chosen a carnival theme as their first date was at an amusement park.

    Her Facts:

    - Graphic designer
    - Loves fruity flavours & has a sweet tooth
    - Loves food
    - Loves to try new things
    - Likes unique colour combos dislikes roses and anything that is “traditional”
    - Will be wearing ankle length wedding dress with yellow ballerina slippers

    His Facts:

    - Banker
    - Dislikes fruity flavours, but loves nutty flavours
    - Loves food
    - Severely lactose intolerant
    - Does not have a sweet tooth
    - Likes that idea of having a bit of tradition incorporated
    - Will be wearing a khaki suit with a red seersucker bowtie and converse sneakers
    - Loves sports, played semi professional hockey

    I decided to go with a Red Velvet cupcake with Strawberry buttercream for the bride and a vegan Chocolate Hazelnut cupcake with a Mocha filling, topped with a smooth soy ganache for the lactose-intolerant groom. I thought the colour of the Red Velvet cupcake would be appropriate and paired it with a non-traditional strawberry buttercream. The flavours still fared well together, as the Red Velvets have a hint of cocoa.  Who doesn't like chocolate and strawberries?!  For the groom, I went with a rich, nutty flavoured cupcake and since he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, I opted for a soy ganache over vegan frosting.

    The hour that we were given to decorate went by SO fast - I was so nervous! I'd never make it on TV! Trying to incorporate as many elements of their unique likes/dislikes while keeping with their theme was a definite challenge.

    Judged by the owners of The Flour Studio, I was announced the winner of the challenge!

    Photo by Marian at Sweetopia. See her post on the show here.
    Together with Bonnie Gordon 

    Hope I'll have the chance to defend my title at the next Cake Show :)

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