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  • Celebrate Mother's Day!

  • Posted on May 04, 2009 | By Catherine Chen
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day with thoughtful treats from Sugar*Baking and Petals n Blooms.

    mday promo

    We are thrilled to be working with Petals n Blooms, a local flower shop, to bring you the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Choose from packages ranging from a simple blooming carnation with cupcakes for $15 to a beautiful bouquet with cupcakes for $40.

    We are offering delivery all around the GTA (on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), or offer pick up at no extra charge at the Petals flower shop, located in the Cachet Plaza at Woodbine Ave and 16th Ave in Markham.

    Whether you are showing appreciation for your mother, a mother-like figure in your life, or an excited mother-to-be, there’s no doubt she’ll be thrilled.

    To all the moms out there (in particular my mom, who I love more than anything!), wishing you a very happy mother’s day!

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  • Ουφ πρόλαβα αλλά μου βγήκε η γλώσσα από την τρεχάλα!! Το βιβλίο ζήλεψα πιο πολύ απ’ολα!!!!By the way on May 13 i’ll be with my son at Nafplion, maybe we can have a cup of coffee!!!!

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  • do you offer tours of the bakery to small school groups? we are a homeschooling group with interested children…please advise either way & what would be involved
    thanks so much

    Posted by amanda