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  • Noelle's Gift

  • Posted on January 11, 2013 | By Cat Chen

  • I didn’t know Noelle Paquette, but had classmates from the University of Ottawa who knew her well.   Via Facebook, I stumbled upon this news piece and was both heartbroken to learn of Noelle’s story and inspired by her family and friends, who are able to do something so truly spectacular during such a difficult time with heavy hearts.  Just as lucky as her family and friends were to know Noelle, she was equally as lucky to have all of you - ensuring that her spirit and legacy continue to shine on, giving...

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  • Jess & Vince

  • Posted on October 17, 2012 | By Cat Chen
  • I know Jess & Vince through mutual friends and was excited to be a part of their wedding day mostly because of their colour palette!



    I had been dying to work with a nice, vibrant coral and this was the perfect way to kick off my summer wedding season back in May.  Not only were Jess and Vince one of the most easy going and laid back couples to work with, they also gave me creative freedom on the design, so this cascading floral design was the result.

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  • Michelle & Roger

  • Posted on October 09, 2012 | By Cat Chen
  • The 2012 wedding season comes to a close for me this weekend and it was truly an amazing season.  I was lucky to have worked with so many wonderful couples and be a part of their wedding day. 


    I'll start with Michelle and Roger. Having been together for years (10+!!) and Michelle being one of my close friends, I was thrilled to both attend and be a part of this much anticipated wedding.  With a secret garden type feel, this chocolate cake was filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in a vanilla frosting and garnished with...

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  • Mother's Day

  • Posted on May 09, 2012 | By Catherine Chen
  • Four months ago, I became a first time mama to my wonderful baby girl, Kaylee, and she has been the most incredible thing that has ever happened in my life. Bold statement, yes, but one that is not an exaggeration.


    What I can tell you from these first few months is that being a mother is a lot of hard work... but just one giant, gummy smile from her makes it all worthwhile. Watching her grow and change has been an experience like no other.  Look at how cute she is!! Ha - ok, yes, I am a...

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  • Cupcake Towers

  • Posted on July 06, 2010 | By Catherine Chen

    When it comes to the question of cake vs. cupcakes for weddings and special events, I will always have a soft spot for cupcake towers. I love them for many reasons:

    - they are easy to serve, no forks or plates required!
    - it's easy to accommodate many different likes/dislikes (believe it or not, I have a friend who hates chocolate!)
    - taking home leftovers is easy at the end of the night
    - I just love the look of a tower set up on the cake table - all elegant...

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  • Bonnie Gordon Cake Show

  • Posted on June 11, 2010 | By Catherine Chen
  • Photo by Marian at Sweetopia. See her post on the show here.

    At the end of April, I was asked to participate in The Cake Show 2010 Cupcake Challenge, where I was given an hour to decorate 6 cupcakes, as per a given theme, in front of a live audience at The Cake Show.

    Here was the scenario they presented to us:


    Jack & Jill are doing the cupcake rounds in the city to choose who they will use as...

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  • #foodiemeet Bake Off!

  • Posted on December 10, 2009 | By Catherine Chen
  • Alright, I’m a terrible blogger!

    But I’m back with some exciting news. This Sunday (Dec. 13), I’ll be participating in a #FoodieMeet Bake Off to raise money and awareness for The Stop Community Food Centre.

    Here’s a bit more info from the FoodieMeet website:

    The Stop started off as one of Canada’s first food banks but has since grown to offer an fantastic lineup of programs: drop-in meals, community gardens, pre and post-natal nutrition support, farmers markets, sustainable food education, civic engagement and many other valuable initiatives.

    FoodieMeet started out on Twitter as a one-off meetup for foodies...

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  • The Wedding Mini

  • Posted on September 21, 2009 | By Catherine Chen
  • Pretty in Pink Mini Cupcake

    I went to my dad’s cousin’s wedding on Saturday – a lovely outdoor wedding on a sunny day. It was a super late night baking, decorating, and packaging the 3 mini’s per guest but well worth the effort. My little cousin Katie tore into hers before the first course was ready. Seeing people, both young and old, enjoying the cupcakes I’ve made never, ever gets old.


    She is by far the cutest little girl in the world. Speaking of mini’s, I’ll be introducing the mini cupcake here very...

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  • 'Tis the Season

  • Posted on September 16, 2009 | By Catherine Chen
  • Cyn in the City

    Bachelorettes x 3 last weekend and 2 weddings on the go for this weekend, plus I’ll be attending a wedding myself as well. The photos above are from a “Cyn in the City” themed wedding shower. I did an assortment of cupcakes – Lululemon, Red Velvet, Cocoa Crazy, Vanilla Bean, Pretty in Pink, and Pina Colada. The toppers included little red sandals, a few different clutch purses and a classic black handbag.

    It seems that “wedding season” isn’t limited to the summer rush any longer and has stretched out to...

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  • Bonnie Gordon Internship & Cake Decadence

  • Posted on September 02, 2009 | By Catherine Chen
  • I’ve been terrible at “blogging” here and I’m hoping to change that.

    I recently finished an internship at The Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts

    It was an amazing opportunity to learn firsthand from incredibly talented and creative individuals. Many thanks to the teachers at the school and of course to Bonnie herself for the chance to intern.

    Although I went into my internship expecting to love the design courses the most, it was The Art of Baking series of courses that I finished thinking WOAH, I learned SO much in that class.

    Without a doubt, my...

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